Shaw's Plumbing and Gas

Proudly servicing Brisbane's Western suburbs for over 60 years

Over 60 years of experience

Family owned and operated

Modern & traditional solutions

Excellent service & expert plumbing in Brisbane's Western suburbs.

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Shaw's Plumbing and Gas

Brad and Graham represent three generations of plumbers, offering a trusted brand of service to your home. Combined with years of experience, and a flexible approach to custom projects, Shaw’s offers modern solutions to suit your household’s plumbing and gas requirements.

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Shaw's Plumbing and Gas

We operate 24/7 around the clock. We can attend to all your emergency plumbing and Gas problems.

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Our Services

Shaw's Plumbing and Gas

General Plumbing
We're here to help with anything from a leaking taps, burst pipes, and cleaning of roof gutters. We'll work with you to address the issue in a timely manner.
Blocked Drains
Dealing with blocked drains using high-pressure water jetting, electric eel, and clearing of traps / waste services.
Back Flow Testing
We provide efficient and timely testing of backflow devices across a wide range of industries & brands.
Water Efficiency Certificates
We provide testing of flow rates, water leaks, & dual flush toilets, to effectively measure and manage water efficiency.
Leak Detection

Our leak detection services locate burst pipes, roof leaks and water leaks of all types. 

Hot Water Systems
We specialise in both Gas & Electric storage or instantaneous, as well as Solar & heat-pump systems.


Friendly, flexible and reliable

  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Experience in Commercial and Residential projects
  • Bespoke designs and projects
  • We understand the troubles of renovating Queenslanders
  • A strong Community focus in the Western suburbs
  • A household brand through honesty and trust
  • Flexible and innovative solutions
  • Having experience in both commercial and residential projects

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